Your donation helps us bring offerings like Weekly Recovery Support Groups, Mindfulness Workshops, LGBTQIAP2S+ Support, and Community Resource Navigation.

ALT Mental Health is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization serving the Phoenix, AZ community with unique options supporting recovery from alcohol and drug addiction and psychological disorders.

Have you tried other mental health approaches and been left wanting more?

Are you an outsider that struggles to find a helping professional that understands your life choices?

Alt Mental Health has mental health education and peer support that provide you with the tools you need to succeed.

Choose from our convenient scheduling options below or CLICK HERE to call us. If we can’t help, we will find someone who can.

Peer Support Services

Fully Virtual Support from a Certified Peer Support Specialist

Cost: $40/hour, Pay It Forward: $80/hour


  • 4 hours of Peer Support (2 full hours, 2 hours of phone/text support) $148, Pay It Forward: $298

Speak with someone who has experience recovery from substance abuse and/or mental health conditions. These service providers have completed 80 hours of training to support you in your journey.

Individual, Couple, or Family Education

In Person or Online

Cost: $108/hour, Pay It Forward $148/hour


  • 2 Sessions: $208, Pay It Forward: $280
  • 4 Sessions: $408, Pay It Forward: $568

Mental health education with attention to your personal situation.

We cater to every type of learner; visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and reading/writing styles.

We provide education on the following topics with specific lessons:

  • Alcoholic / DUI, Drug Addiction, Sex Addiction, and Rehab/Relapse Prevention Aftercare
  • Cheating and Other Relationship Conflict
  • Childhood Abuse or PTSD, Historical, Racial, or Ancestral Trauma
  • Death of a Loved One, Grief and Loss
  • ADHD/Neurodivergent
  • Goal Setting, Career Choices
  • Experience with re-entry from jails/prisons, LGBTQIA+, and varying lifestyles such as open (poly or swinger) relationships and alternative sexual preferences, (kink & fetish) counseling.
  • Includes access to a workbook and personal guidance to complete it.

Credits for sessions do not expire and can be transferred to family or friends.

Recovery Education Class

Wednesdays at 4pm MST via Google Meet

Cost: $28 per 80 minute session


  • 1 month (5 classes): $128, Pay It Forward $218
  • 6 months (26 classes): $688, Pay It Forward $1,208
  • 1 year (52 classes): $1,368, Pay It Forward $2,408

This mental health class is centered on you… we learn more than we would on our own by bearing witness to others’ stories and growth. Group is evolutionary; pathways and topics of discussion are altered based on topics as students introduce them. Education classes are our foundation. All class members are asked to commit to confidentiality at the start of each group session. The foundations of education provided are the basics of interpersonal conflict, parenting styles, personality types, codependency, boundaries, and communication.

Other topics grow organically through shared conversation.

​Class credits do not expire and can be transferred to family or friends.